7 Things Honda Accord 2017 Drivers must Feel Proud about

2017 Honda Accord

Dreaming to have 2017 Honda Accord! Yes, Honda Accord has been the dream of nearly everyone. It has held the top position several times among other ten cars in the world. With every new model, Honda Accord gives amazing features which any driver would be proud of. It is a complete package of comfortable riding, top-notch building, engage handling and much more. Here are few significant reasons which makes Honda Accord a delusion for everyone.

  • Reliability

Get any model of Honda Accord 2017 and you are sure to travel 300000 miles on an average. With proper maintenance, you can have a long term driving experience which no other car would be able to provide you with.

  • Capaciousness

While talking about the size of 2017 Honda Accord Model Line Up, it can be said that it is the younger version of Sedan. The legroom it gives you can be compared to the Sedan of full size. It is a capable transporter with nearly 15 feet of cargo room in its trunk.

  • Live Engine

Honda Accord 2017 comes with a base power of 2.4litres along with 4-cylinder engine. On the basis, of the new mythical i-VTEC technology, the engine in the car has the capability to pump out 185 horsepower. Amazing right!

  • Great Gas Mileage

The efficient engineers at Honda have worked hard to give 2017 Honda Accord Rebates new aiming mileage. It carries fuel efficiency which rates 35 mpg on the highway while it gives 34 mpg on open roads.

  • Three Transmissions

The new 2017 Honda Accord Compare comes with a six-speed manual gearbox. It also carries an outmoded clutch which is loved by several drivers along with an adjustable transmission which works continuously.

  • Customary features

All the models of Honda Accord 2017 come with incredible features like rear-view camera, Bluetooth connections, filtration system for air, sound system of 160 watts and much more. Apart from this, it also includes headlights with LED, Lane-Watch detection system, warning feature for collision etc. isn’t it the best to have!

  • Affordability

Nearly all the models of Honda Accord 2017 are reasonably priced. They are quite affordable than other cars with similar luxurious features and display of high resolution.

Thinking about 2017 Honda Accord Problems! Just drive it once and you will never regret on the amount you have spent on it.